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What we will cover on our call:
  • How to identify the strengths and/or weaknesses in your brand.
  • How to improve your brand and the importance of consistent and accurate brand recognition.
  • How to communicate your unique competitive advantage (USP) through your brand.

Fast-paced markets demand instant results.

Our experience, knowledge, and expertise in the sign industry gives you the advantage of having your brand preserved across all forms of media, and done on your time frame.  Here's how:


Live Design

Custom design demands more personal attention.

Live Design puts you in the front seat of the creative process, in real time, allowing. you to communicate easier and yielding quicker, more accurate results.

Watch, learn, and listen to. how design campaigns from yards, signs, marketing materials, and promotional products can increase brand awareness and establish brand loyalty.

Branding Workshop

Through a guided exercises, your niche, point of difference, and brand story will be revealed in order to communicate your unique selling points clearly and effectively.  

Upon completion, you will. receive:

Development of a custom logo
Logo variations (stacked, linear, emblem, full color, monochrome)
Typography (font family. & suitcases)
Color codes & palette (PMS & CMYK values)
Brand pattern(s), Iconography/logomarks
Corporate Style & Identity guideline, Vector &. Raster file formats.

Branding workshops-min